NEW Lapland VR Ride!

Open on weekends from the 11th November and everyday from 15th December. 

£5 per person, which can be booked online or booked in person.

DASH’s Lapland Adventure

Psssst…quickly, come and explore Santa’s Secret HQ where all the elves live and the Christmas magic happens! Slip, slide, fly and glide through Lapland and make sure Santa doesn’t spot you!

Seating up to 6 people, this virtual reality experience offers a perfect family attraction all year round!

Your intrepid journey will soon begin, along with the incredible range of motions our cart has to offer; two front fans and surround sound for a fully immersive 4D experience.
Tilting forwards, backwards and side to side, the carts movements have been specially designed to mirror those of the full 360 degree experience, creating a truly spectacular journey for all the family!
Advised for over 2 year olds